Summer Festival "Music at Arkhangelskoe: Revival of Tradition"

Saturday, June 30, 2007 - 18:00
The World Music Masterpieces
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Conductors: Wilson Hermanto (USA), Charles Ansbacher (USA), Vladimir Ziva.


Summer Festival "Music at Arkhangelskoe: Revival of Tradition"

MSO Summer Festival “Music at Arkhangelskoe: Revival of Tradition”

Outdoor Concerts at the historical museum-estate of Arkhangelskoe

Since 2003, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra has enriched the summer concert season by reviving the magnificent tradition of open-air concerts. The MSO has selected the scenic venue of the State Museum Arkhangelskoe in Moscow region, often referred to as “Moscow's Versailles” to host the concerts.

The MSO summer festival combines the revival of the musical tradition with an important restoration purpose: proceeds from the summer concerts go towards the preservation and renovation of the Archangelskoe estate. Music lovers, who return to the festival for the second and third time, cannot help but remark on the significant progress in the reconstruction works. This important project is made possible through the combined efforts of the State Museum Archangelskoe and the MSO's general sponsor since 1996, Nestle.

The Archangelskoe estate — first built in the 18th Century, with additional construction and alterations taking place throughout the 19th Century — remains a favorite recreational summer spot for Muscovites and tourists alike. The estate's unique and diverse museum collection, landscape and architecture are famous throughout the world. Pushkin, Karamzin, Herzen, and Benoit are among the celebrated personalities who have visited Archangelskoe. “Music and art have been an integral part of the estate's life for centuries”, says Archangelskoe Estate Director, Vladimir Dlugach. “We are very pleased that, with the help of Nestle, we can make our dream come true and revive the tradition of musical evenings in the open air. I am sure that these concerts will remain a genuine celebration of music and architecture, which stay in the memories of our guests for a long time”.

Though the estate has been open for concerts since 1998, the MSO summer festival is the first musical project of this scale, returning music, an integral part of the Estate's life and charm, to the grounds which were visited by such renowned musicians as Stravinsky and Igumnov.

June 2007 saw the Moscow Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and its General Sponsor Nestle host the FIFTH annual charity festival “Music at Arkhangelskoe: Revival of Tradition”. Among the artists invited over the last five years were Dutch conductor Arthur Arnold (2003), star of world opera Liubov Kazarnovskaya, violinist and conductor Sergey Stadler (2004), honored artist of Russia Nikolay Baskov and performer of romances and jazz Nina Shatskaja (2006). The 2007 concert program was presented by MSO conductor Vladimir Ziva with MSO guest conductor Charles Ansbaher, American conductor Wilson Ermanto, and people’s artist of Russia Tamara Gverditsteli.

“It's a great honor for our orchestra to support this unique and important museum and estate”, says Vladimir Ziva, Musical Director of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. “We want to help revive and save Arkhangelskoe, and the historic musical traditions, for which it is famous”.


Arkhangelskoe, 2003 Arkhangelskoe, 2006