"I had the privilege of recording my score for the ABC-TV series, The Mole, with the MSO and I couldn't have had a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.  The results speak for themselves because I was fortunate enough to receive an EMMY nomination for this, thanks in part to the outstanding musicianship of the MSO."


David Michael Frank, Composer

I have on several occasions recorded with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. My first experience was with a film score I had composed for an action adventure children's film "One Last Flight." What an amazing experience! The whole process, from organizing the recording dates with Marina and Ellen Levine, to the final recording sessions at the impeccable MosFilm Ton Studios in the heart of Moscow was productive, exciting, and creatively fulfilling. The musicianship of the MSO is beyond superlative description. The personnel of the orchestra is pulled from the world class musicians of the Russia Federation whose reputation as creating some of the greatest musicians the world has ever known is indisputable. On every occasion I have recorded with the MSO I have been pleased beyond expectation. The experience is exceptional in all regards: financially, technically, and creatively. The MSO is a first rate recording orchestra.

Todd Hayen


“The MSO has done outstanding work for me over 10 years. My first videogame – Outcast (2000 AIAS Best Music Nominee), is considered a landmark score in the videogame industry and remains to this day one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time”.



“Under the Marco Polo/Naxos banner, we have recorded nearly 30 albums in the last 15 years with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Two of our albums were nominated for Grammy Awards, and they have garnered tremendous reviews and sales. We have also recorded our own film scores with the orchestra. It is very professional, courtesy, and the word “impossible” has no meaning to them. In addition to a great standard orchestra, they have a pool of musicians they can draw on when we need unusual instruments such as accordion, saxophones, guitars, choir, and electronics. Their 5.1 recordings are state of the art.”

John Morgan, Composer, Producer 

The MSO has recorded several of my works and I've been extremely pleased with the results. The MSO is known for such a rare warmth in tone, and a dedication down to every phrase and articulation. I would highly recommend them for both game/film scoring and concert music recordings - they play in iconic, famous venues with fantastic acoustics, and record in surround with all the best modern gear. The business side of things with Marina Levine is straightforward with no surprises. I'll definitely be back! 

Tobin Stokes, Composer