Recording with the MSO

Record with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra

At Mosfilm’s outstanding recording facilities located in the centre of Moscow, the MSO produces some of the finest scores available in the music industry. Whether you are a composer or conductor looking to record a disc or a film studio looking to record a soundtrack, MSO musicians and staff will make post-production run smoothly.

At Tonestudios state-of-the-art recording studio, master technicians and designers from London (contact us for exact specifications) will meet your exacting demands. The stage can comfortably house an orchestra of over 150 pieces and a 100 voice choir. The sound is exquisite and the experience unparalleled. Your music can be mixed on site or brought stateside for a more leisurely and familiar mixing atmosphere.

Our full-service hosting will make your stay in Moscow enjoyable and memorable. We help our clients with accommodation and cultural program - the finest restaurants, theatres and concerts are always easily within their reach. We will ensure that your high standards are matched creatively, technically, on budget and on time.

Film scores, commercial recordings, jingles and computer games are regularly recorded. The orchestra currently records around 20 projects per year for a wide variety of clients such as film companies, classical composers, pop producers and computer game developers.

  • Why record with the MSO?

The MSO is a world-class orchestra and needs no introduction, Moscow’s only independent orchestra with over 120 CD’s recorded, some of them with awards and nominations such as Diapason d’Or and Grammy’s. The orchestra has a broad experience of rrecording in the Mosfilm studios. And the MSO is renowned for its consistently high quality of performance both in the concert hall and in the recording studio.

  • Concentration in studio

The MSO works in great concentration, is silent during recording sessions and is cooperative. More music per session can be recorded, valuable recording time doesn’t go to waste.With the highly professional recording engineers that care and who have extensive score knowledge and developed ears, the conductor feels guided throughout the recording process, which results in high quality recordings.

  • Always the MSO

The MSO guarantees that the orchestra presented is indeed the MSO. The same Principal players will be available for every recording session during a project, and because all the players play together on a regular basis, there is a unity and cohesion of sound which is not obtained from a freelance orchestra.

  • High quality studio gear in the most advanced and modern studios of Moscow

The MSO always records in the Mosfilm studios and has chosen to work with a crew of recording engeneers that have proven themselves over the last two decades.

Friendly and cooperative

The warmth and friendliness of the MSO players is always commented on by composers, conductors and producers. The orchestra is used to work on international stages with different conductors and is a flexible ensemble that cooperates. The players of the MSO care about your recording and about the quality of the orchestra.

  • Affordable

The rates to record with MSO are very competitive. It will be much cheaper than to record with North American and European orchestras. Many film scores for the Hollywood scene have been recorded in our studios in Moscow for that specific reason. Composers have used the opportunity to use live soundtracks rather than electronic ones for the reason that this is still affordable when recorded with the MSO.

  • How to record with the MSO

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